About detecting bullshit

About detecting bullshit

Ugo Bardi has recently published a strong article about the reson why climate science failed as science as a whole failed. You can read it here.

The point he makes in the article is that humans have a built-in “Bullshit Detector”. That works as follows: It detects when the message one receives is inconsistent. We really have a large schizophrenic scientific system running on this planet
. Scientists proclaim advances in artfiicial intelligence , autonomous electric vehicles, smart grids, journeys to mars and beyond as if there was only a bright tomorrow with nothing to worry about. On the other hand they proclaim a sixth mass extinction, a loss of net energy from fossil fuels, a loss of arctic sea ice, an ever accelerating climate change as if there was only a dark future ahead.

Whean you read any newspaper today it might be possible that both of these messages are contained in a single issue. The people reading this will for sure detect a large inconsistency here and it is quite possible that in the end both statements made will be dismissed by the readers as implausible because they simply do not match.

An honest scientist in my humble opinion must come to the conclusion that if we do not solve the issue of biosphere destruction immediately with bold steps, a journey to other planets might be improbable because of no humans left to persue that action. So at least they should start their proclamations with the phrase “If we succeed in stopping biosphere destruction, we will…”

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. That could immediately restore consistency in all communications.

Why is this not being done? Scientists are not different from other humans and the first thing humans do when they hear about a geneal problem, they think it will affect somebody else but not them personally

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. People driving to work do not think any different: I might cause climate change but this might be a problem for somebody else to cope with.

My advice: don’t be fooled by new technological gimmicks proposed by scientists that do not adress the issue of biosphere destruction. This process is already underway with high speed and to avert it we must alter our way of living completetly. I do not recommend to live as a naked ape in a forrest but not driving to work by car (electric vehicles are also not allowed) would be a tiny step in the right direction. Use your bicycle for example and do something for your wellbeing.


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