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INTRENEX is a website that was created by the German Marc Muncke, born on 01.08.1967 in Antibes, France (“me”). I grew up in Munich, Germany and went to a scientific high school that I finished in 1987. I am currently working as a software developer for an Austrian company and do the work “here” in my spare time so please be gentle when you do not receive a reply the very moment that you contact me. I have a degree in “supply technology” from the Fachhochschule für Technik (technical high school) in Esslingen, Germany and my title is Dipl.-Ing.(FH). The title was obtained after successfully submitting a thesis creating a software system using 3-D vision in the process of thermal power system refurbishing. That was in 1997. Since then I moved to Austria and I have lived in Vienna ever since. I studied at the University of Vienna for some time and acquired a knowledge of higher mathematics and thermodynamics. I also have an apprenticeship as a farmer from the Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Grottenhof Hardt (the Grottenhof Hardt Agricultural vocational college)in Graz, Austria, so I can claim to have some agricultural knowledge.


INTRENEX is an open Platform that will provide a new financing model to fund the fast global transition to a WWS [1] energy supply. The main idea of this transition is the concept of an international supergrid connecting regions with high WWS [1] energy potential to the consumers of WWS [1] energy via a network of HVDC lines. This concept is mainly based on the thesis of Dr. Gregor Czisch. I am in close contact with Mr. Czisch about the project but he is currently not an employee of INTRENEX. The INTRENEX enterprise might be labelled as a “green fintech”.


Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Marc Muncke

Intrenex GmbH

International Renewable Energy Grid

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Tel: +43 1 218 34 76

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(Please send me a mail to apply or arrange for a phone call because I am usually quite busy during daytimes)
[1] WWS: wind, water, sunlight