1. The most important question: “Why should I trust you?”

Well, there is no answer to this question! Let me just say this: Some people, when visiting an art exhibition exclaim: “Come on, even I could have done this!”. There is a little difference between these people and the artist: The artist has done it and they haven’t.

2. Is this the “greatest project of all times”?

There have been other large projects that were successful. There was the establishment of electrical energy all over the world, the man on the moon, there was the internet plugged into every country in the world and there were first fixed and later mobile communication networks. The difference with this project is that it only works when all the nations work together on it and it will not be successful if every state tries to establish their own system. The second large challenge for this project is that we want to replace an existing (and working!) electrical system with an upgraded version of itself. This makes a huge difference to the other projects, where there was a completely new system installed (with no big adversaries!).

To replace an existing system on a global scale with all nations working together while the old system needs to remain operational has never been done before. In the future humans will have to upgrade other systems as well: IPV6 or electric vehicles. This is a new experience for our global civilisation.

3. This is just another financial scam that wants to rip off innocent people!

OK, this is really possible. But it could also be otherwise. So yes, I could simply rip you off, but I tell you if I had a million I would stop. The simple truth is: INTRENEX is the only true INTRENEX. There may be others that really want to rip you off.

4. Why do you not create a start-up and find investors?

What a start-up does: find a problem and create a solution to it that requires a) new technology b) makes the user dependent on that technology c) get a rent for using the technology d) does not engage in finally resolving the problem but keeping the problem alive that the revenue from the rent flows in for ever.

INTRENEX is an enterprise that really wants to solve a problem and not just make some people rich. The people who work on the project will of course benefit from it. Investors are very sensitive to cash flow and when the INTRENEX enterprise suffers from some sort of unexpected problems investors can just pull the plug.

5. Why has nobody build these plants already?

The problem is that coal powered energy is VERY cheap and solar power simply can not compete against it. This has also been found by the Re>C Project by Google.

That is why INTRENEX might during the buildup phase not deliver the lowest proce possible as it wants to grow fast. This might some more than coal powered energy, but it also has more “value” as the externalised costs of coal simply are not accounted for, and what these costs were in the end will only be seen in 100 years time, when climate change is in full swing and will destroy many valuable things from food to water and coastal areas. The high price during the build up phase is required to double the installations at the fastest speed possible. When we set the lowest price during the build up, the system will not scale up fast enough.

6. What if someone comes up with the same idea and claims he can sell the solar energy for 2ct/kWh?

This is a possibility but to build one plant is not enough, we need to build plenty. The money required to build these many plants will not scale up if you sold solar energy for 2ct/KWh. And you must also ask if this single plant can deliver 100% renewable energy for 365/24. To do that there will be a mix of very cheap components and some components that have a higher price because they are valuable in terms of “dispatchable energy”. The end price of the INTRENEX network has been calculated for that mix of technologies. I suggest, even if such a project would be realised, you stick with INTRENEX as this can scale up more quickly. For the people considering such an action I recommend that you unite behind INTRENEX – this makes success more possible.

7. You are just a single person, how do you think you can do this?

Well, Mister Trump or Mrs Merkel also are one person and they run an entire country with millions of people. I am the seed of the project. Of course we will hire the required expertise for it. And I know that it exists. We are 7 Billion, there must be some brights to join. There exists the threat of sudden death. Firstly, I am going to run this “company” in the most open way possible, that anybody can see how it works and is able to continue it. Secondly, in short time I will have my “tribe” together and there will be successors.

These rules apply for the time being:

a) INTRENEX is not a share based company that will pay any dividends to its investors

b) INTRENEX will not become an investment product with the sole aim of increasing profits, all the money flows back into the project.

c) INTRENEX will focus only on one thing, which is to bring CO2 emissions down to zero. It will not “invest” in other industries like cars, trains, airplanes, consumer items etc.

8. You only want to pay a high bonus to yourself

Good point, that is why I claim here that my annual salary for this project for the rest of my life will be 36,000 Euros (aka 36 [energy-futures]), increased only moderately by the inflation rate.

9. We are going to die anyhow, the project is a waste of time

This is a point for you but there exist millions of people that want to continue the human endeavour. I also do not know if we can scale up this project fast enough and undertake all the other changes required that this planet stays intact with habitable conditions. It is true, we have done a lot of damage to the planet already, but should we continue or simply stop it?

10. Building these plants will also produce a lot of pollution

Yes, the unfortunate situation we are in is that we require to pollute the planet even more to get rid of pollution. This is simply sad but true.

11. Too little, too late

Yep! This project even if it claims to be big is quite little compared to all the other projects man does. For example the funds for NATO for one year are nearly 700 Billion Euros. The amount of derivatives held by Deutsche Bank pile up to 55 trillion Euros (yes, that is 1000 Billions). If humans continue their track of wasting earth’s resources as they do today, there will be no chance for an inhabitable planet in 100 years time. We must alter our lives completely! And we must learn to do it quick! For example factories must learn to produce goods that last a human lifetime or more. This is already possible for bicycles for example but it is possible for many other things. We must say good bye to “own” something. We must learn to “share” things. Starting from cars to the entire planet. We must recycle everything. Recycling is a question of energy. If there is enough energy, recycling will be possible. We do not yet know what this future will look like.

12. We will become dependent on other countries that could use ransom against our energy needs

Yes but this is true already! Where does the oil come from? Are these countries stopping to sell oil? Yes, they could do it but another producer will simply step in to fill the gap. We must diversify this project around the entire globe. The global container shipment is a project running around the entire globe. No one says: uh, we can not do this because if one ship sinks we can not buy our nice stuff. We are already in the midst of a “global structures system” for all stuff we encounter every day. The Chinese silk road project also is a building project on a global scale as there will maybe be other projects like this in the future. One day the people will learn that they must share this planet cooperatively not as competing entities. If you stop somebody on the street and tell them: “Hey, kill this guy, he’s evil” I think they would refuse to do so. So we simply(?) only need to apply this on a global scale.

13. Are you affiliated with desertec?

No, actually I am not affiliated with desertec. Desertec has done a long series of research on the field of concentrated solar power and is focused too much on developing this technolgy, leaving the path of solving the energy problem now with existing well established technology. So there is not much that we have in common though.

14. The government should take care of this

Well the governments govern but they do not build power plants.

I also do not count on any form of governmental subsidies, but they might be accepted.

The governments can do the following things to help get this project up:

a) engage in a transcontinental transmission system for large amounts of electrical power, first in the EU and then stretching out to China.

b) remove subsidies for carbon based industries.

c) do not tax (or reduce the tax to) solar powered electricity.

d) help with diplomatic issues.

e) stop selling arms around the world as a solution for every problem.

f) reduce the paper work required to run such a project (financial regulations).

g) start to admit that coal, petroleum and gas is definitively not the way for our future. This implies stopping the struggle for pipelines or against countries with these resources.

15. No one invests in the Middle East

Banks are engaged in two self enforcing investments, resources extraction and arms manufacturing. They believe that selling more weapons is good and that taking external control of natural resources in a foreign country can be managed by force. If we engage in such an approach we must face severe resistance. That is why the banks calculate a high risk on investments in the Middle East. Most Middle Eastern countries suffer from one problem, which is they have a very large young population. It is possible that they all want to become soldiers and engage in wars. There exists another possibility that they all want to connect with other people in the world using YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. We will see how they want to decide.

There exists another problem that is the religious divide between the Sunni and the Shia Moslems. I do not know how that can be solved but I do not think that Allah really likes to see Moslems killing other Moslems. The historic Islamic tradition stands for a high degree of science and wisdom and it has all decayed because too many people in the world have started to engage in hatred against other religions and other cultures. We know today how the earth looks like and that the Chinese do not know of Mohammed the prophet because he was far away at that time. No one would come and kill all the Chinese for that reason. The people in the world must one day come to the conclusion that religion is something spiritual and universal but evolves differently in different cultures. We must try to keep our cultural heritage and that includes the heritage of our entire planet.

16. If I am an investor, what can I do ?

The energy transition that INTRENEX proposes, requires huge amounts of capital and the larger you want to invest, the more welcome you are. INTRENEX proposes some sort of crowd financing model based on [energy-futures] for an “upfront investment” for some sort of “proof of concept” but it can be seen that for this model a very large number of small investors will be needed to reach 100% renewables. It is possible that we will receive substantial funding with these [energy-futures] but it is very hard to see that this is possible for the entire build-up phase as this also requires the very high growth rate of 33%. So a lot of institutional investment will be needed but also some sort of long lasting breath, as the transition might take some 30 years. Renewables require some understanding of thermodynamics and you might want to start reading in this field. The time to act on a large scale is now and INTRENEX uses a scientific approach to build our new energy system with well established, cheap, existing technology, thus being the most cost and resource effective. There might also be investment opportunities in companies that sell products and services to INTRENEX.

17. Electricity can not fly airplanes

No, the first question is, do we really need to do so much flying around when we have “virtual presence” through the internet? Electricity is not the ultimate goal. First we must switch off the coal fired plants. When we have done that we can start to produce methane from atmospheric CO2. In the longest distant future we can also generate kerosene for airplanes from atmospheric CO2 and this will then not add more CO2 to the atmosphere as is already there, But this is a very far future…

18. I want my money back

Well, I will not buy back any [energy-futures]!

If you want to convert them back to euros, you will have to find someone else who wants to purchase them. That’s it. I am sure this will work out. It will only fail if I am really stupid and cannot manage the task, and everybody wants to sell their [energy-futures] at once.

So let’s try it this way: Either the project does not make sense, or millions of people join it. Building one single plant is like not building any plant at all and is a waste of hopes and time. There will be a ramp up phase from 2017 to 2023 of five years. If it does not work, meaning that we will not collect 1 Million [energy-futures] sold, the people will get their money back (minus some expenses). If it is considered to be working, when we start building the first plant, there is no more “money back” guarantee. There will be a referendum held when this decision nears for all the owners of [energy-futures]. Why five years? Gee, there is no more time for fiddling around!

18. Fusion or fission will save us!

OK, fission is a bad thing. I will not discuss it. It can produce a lot of energy but it also is expensive and it has open questions for many 1000 years. For fusion these things apply: Fusion on a large scale lies somewhere in the future. We simply can not wait for that long time. Large fusion plants will be very sophisticated technology and it will require a substantial net of special things to support it. When we downsize the global economic throughput (voluntarily or by natural force) no one will be able to maintain a network of fusion or fission power plants. A solar power plant is a very hands on technology and a good engineer can learn to maintain and run it in short time for a very long period of time.

19. CO2 exists in such a large quantity already that we can not fix the problem

If you check this short video presentation by Paul Beckwith you will see that the challenge is not impossible: We have lost 50% of the global biosphere in the last 200 years or so. The remainder of it can handle 4000 Gt (giga tons) of CO2 a year. Humans have to get rid of 600 – 900 Gt of additional CO2. Increasing the biosphere by about 15% will ensure the CO2 will be handled for us by earth. On the other hand, 15% is a lot on a global scale. This project is called “Global Carbon Cycle Re-Balancing” and it deliberately means something different than geoengineering.

20. You are just a crazy megalomaniac

Oh boy, yes. I’ll tell you what I like to do most: Sit in my garden and watch the butterflies and hear the birds singing. I bet that this project can grow exceptionally big and I tell you I fear this situation a bit. If I fail, the whole world will laugh at me! If we knew the real consequences of large scale climate change, which is pretty near, there would be no more laughing at all. So you are deadly sincere? Yes and no. I bet it will be a very tough ride and I hope I can stand it but on the other hand I think there will also be many pleasures with it and people will grow hope if they can see that it works. I propose you do not put all your hopes in my project and me personally while continuing to live business as usual. You must change your life first.

21. Sounds good, but there must be a caveat in this project

To be honest, yes there exists a caveat to this project. It is called “cash-flow’

Case 1: if a million people invest their money in [energy-futures] and we will build a large installation somewhere and be ready to deliver electrical energy, the people must consume the energy! If the energy is not consumed, INTRENEX will not have any income for a) the operational expenses and b) for the build up of new facilities. So each supporter of INTRENEX must not hoard the [energy-futures] but use them wisely consuming the containing energy from a clean source.

Case 2: Someone can buy up a huge amount of [energy-futures] but will not consume the energy. When there is no consumption, there is no cash-flow back to INTRENEX and it will dry up.

This is possible but will be very expensive for the entity that wants to block INTRENEX and unlikely if many “small investors” join as well. Blocking INTRENEX by hoarding the [energy-futures] will not stop the installations from being built. Alas if INTRENEX really runs dry, the big hoarder might want to purchase the installations on the cheap from a bankruptcy. This is possible and can only be avoided if many “small investors” follow INTRENEX and consume the energy provided. (Buying INTRENEX, if it ever happens will mean buying back all the [energy-futures] sold so far)

Case 3: Someone can purchase large amounts of [energy-futures] and sell them for let’s say half the price which is 500 Euros.

This scenario is possible only for an organisation that has a huge amount of money that it wants to loose because it will loose 500 Euros on one [energy-future] and the purchaser will receive that benefit (sounds social…) This has two branches to go:

a) The person uses the low-cost [energy-future] to purchase other energy from another company for a different price.

This is no problem for INTRENEX as the first sale of the [energy-future] was at 1000 for INTRENEX and there will be no financial loss. The only problem again is that the cash flow is being reduced.

b) The client buys an [energy-future] at 500 and purchases the contained kWh of electricity from INTRENEX.

This is no problem at all because the [energy-future] was sold at 1000 from INTRENEX to the social entity in the first place and it entitles every holder to get the embedded KWh of electricity. There is no loss for INTRENEX, only for the social entity.

Scenario 3 includes first a very rich entity that wants to loose a lot of money (like a central bank) and it includes a lot of stupid people that do not understand that they harm a very important project. Well, stupid people exist on this planet, you can not avoid problems with them in any way.

All these cases are possible but can be monitored closely and the scale of investment and the cash flow can be adapted to these situations.

22. From the investor’s point of view: What do you want to do about inflation?

First: what does inflation mean for INTRENEX?

It means that if INTRENEX collected a million Euros for an installation that was planned to cost a million when the project starts, it might cost 1.2 million in the end due to the large delay and the ramifications of price inflation.

What is being done about it is that the money will be transformed into fixed capital as soon as a unit can be purchased, limiting the time that the money is rotting in the bank account. There will need to be a scale target to be searched for the increase in money in the bank and a matching installation to rapidly transform this money into fixed capital. The solution can not be outlined here and it will change in time as the technology in this field develops as fast as the prices.

The second aspect of inflation: Every [energy-future] holds a fixed physical value in the form of electrical energy. As this value can not decline, an investor avoids the loss of inflation that comes with putting your money in a bank account. This “negative inflation” can also be calculated as some sort of gain from interest, even as INTRENEX does not pay any interest.

It is not yet sure, how the price for the electricity you can get from the INTRENEX system will develop. One thing is pretty sure, the price for all non renewable sources will go up and the price for renewable systems can only go down. So with helping INTRENEX, you help your local economy to keep the expense in energy low, thus leaving more room for other economic activities.

There exists another threat to the INTRENEX bank account, that of negative interest. It is quite possible that the central banks of the world will try to abolish real currencies and want to move to digital currencies and apply negative interest on all that digital money. This can only be solved when the money is transferred into assets as fast as possible. That again is only possible when INTRENEX grows at significant speed.

I have to say hard words here:

It might be possible that in a far future, let’s say about 10 or 15 years, the price for an [energy-future] has to be adjusted. In that case new [energy-futures] can only be purchased at the new price. Old [energy-futures] will not be affected from it. This will of course be announced broadly for all users!.

23. Last but not least: Where does this all end?

The very far future for the project is that on one day the supply for solar energy will be there on a global scale and at this time, the “doubling” of the plants will stop. INTRENEX has a natural “end size” it will not grow for ever and promote to use more energy to fill its bank account for ever. When this size is reached, the price for energy will slowly be reduced that the income is enough for the maintenance and the refurbishing of the existing plants. The people who did this job will go home and do the other things they want to do in their lives. Like watching butterflies.

Addendum: Who is “we” ?

The method INTRENEX follows is a scientific numieric optimisation approach for a supply and demand problem that was solved by Dr. Gregor Czisch as early as 2001 and published in his thesis in 2005. The site www.intrenex.com and all the texts published here or in Facebook are based on the opinions of Dipl.-Ing(FH) Marc Muncke (me) and I am currently the only person running this enterprise. My degree is in supply technology from the college of higher education FHTE in Esslingen, Germany and I work as an IT consultant for more than 15 years now. To scale this system up, the means of “internet” seems to be appropriate and that does not require a lot of staff to be disruptive. This will of course change as soon as we get into the phase of really building something, thus the term “we” is used for all the bright people that join this project in the future. For the time being, I am running the enterprise on my own and what INTRENEX “says” is not necessarily what Dr. Gregor Czisch says. We are in contact about the project but he is not having an active role in INTRENEX. He is curious to find out what I can make of his findings….

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