The financial aspects of INTRENEX and the energy future

There will be two different stages for financing the INTRENEX plan.

1. An initial funding period to kickstart financing the startup-phase of INTRENEX

Our first goal is a five-year-plan in which we aim at creating the financial base for a significant first installation of industrial size that delivers a significant amount of clean energy under real world conditions. If we do not manage to reach this goal, initial investores will be given their money back, minus the expenses. I personally think that the time is right for such a project and that it will be difficult but not impossible.

2. Development of the ‘energy-future’ certificates and sale of them to the public

In this funding phase the energy-futures will be developed and set into action.

An energy-future is an investment paper similar to all the other investment papers that you can buy from a bank. To have an investment paper running, a compliancy procedure has to be adhered to. In that procedure the Austrian Ministry of Finance will check if the paper confirms to security and purpose of a regular investment paper and will allow or reject the sale of it.

You can not buy any energy-futures before we have a permit from the Austrian Ministry of Finance.

Some of the money that we get from the funding period will go into the legal work required to file for a permit with the Austrian Ministry of Finance.

When we have the permit it will be possible to purchase energy-futures from www.intrenex.com.

The purchase you make then will most likely be a digital certificate based on blockchain technology as this provides an open transparent ledger for everyone to see what happens with the futures. Using blockchain technology will help facilitate the management of the energy-futures with very little administrative overhead as the company’s entire ledger is publicly accessible. The blockchain based energy-future could be downloaded onto your computer and traded to other people using the energy-futures as a means to sell goods and services. But that is not it’s main purpose. The main purpose is to give you a transparent entry in the INTRENEX public book-keeping system. Some people might not wish to have blockchain technology on their computer and for these there will be an account-interface on the website where they can see their account balance.

INTRENEX will not buy back the energy-futures because it wants to accumulate as much money as possible. If you want to sell your energy-future, we will have a platform on the website of www.intrenex.com where you can publish your selling offer and wait for another customer to accept your offer. That can be done with a locally stored blockchain on your harddisk, or if you prefer, a web-based account with www.intrenex.com.

Eitherway, the initial funding period is for running the company for 5 years. If you want to buy energy-futures, you must wait until we get a permit by the Austrian Ministry of Finance.

As the permission process by the Austrian Ministry of Finance will involve legal discussions, we can not yet finalise the form of the energy-future but can say that we prefer to use some form of blockchain technology for it.

The price of an energy-future will be 1000 Euros and that is also the price for a yet to set fixed amount of kWh of electricity offered by the INTRENEX network.

The purchase of one energy-future at 1000 Euros will not be easy for most of the people living in Europe, so there will be a monthly subscription plan by which you can acquire as many energy-futures as you want at a rate that you can freely adjust to suit your means. In a much later stage of the project (perhaps in 20 years) the price for the energy-futures will decrease to the lowest price possible. This depends on how fast the project gan grow.

It must also be said that residents of Germany, for example, will not be the first to receive electrical energy from the INTRENEX network as the network first has to grow and this could take as even more than 10 years. During this time your energy-futures will not be worthless, as they will help to build up WWS energy systems in some countries of the region envisioned.

It makes no difference for the planet where we start first to reduce CO2 emissions.

The future of the energy-future

It is improbable that we will find several hundreds of millions electricity customers in Europe that want to pay a our electricity price or that all electricity consumers in Europe will want to switch their utility company to INTRENEX. We envsion a path when we are at some stage able to get large credit based investment. Currently investments can be made at very low interest and the interest rate usually depends on the risk involved. When we succeed in finding some 10 million people that will invest in energy-futures, we can start building quite an impressive starting unit for the network. The investment sum for the initial project should be as large as possible because scale factors will not be achieved with too little project size. When we might finish this investment in good business quality it might be possible that large investors want to join the project. When that happens, the doubling concept is no longer of such an importance as the financing of the system will no longer be in need to feed from itself. With external capital, it might be possible that the growth rate can be achieved without the need of crowd investors in energy-futures. Thus another barrier is likely to fall wich is the price for the electricity delivered. When we are not required to keep the price up for the required growth rate, we can lower the price to it’s real level and sell the electricity produced directly in the common european electricity market and compete with all other entities for the lowest price possible.

If you are related to the investment business and want to engage, please send an e-mail